When Lynette McGill went to work Monday morning, she had no idea a conversation with a complete stranger would bring her to tears.

McGill, the store manager of Bella Chic in Emerald Park, rang through a customer Monday afternoon, who was doing some Christmas shopping. The woman purchased two bracelets, with one condition.

“She wanted to keep on for herself and pass one on to the next customer who made a purchase at the store,” says McGill.

The woman went on to say she was going through a tough time and wanted to pay it forward. After a lengthy and emotional conversation, McGill learned the woman was a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 people dead and more than 500 injured just over two months ago.

“She told me a few things that she’s been going through since the shooting,” says McGill. “I broke down, she broke down. She’s just holding on strong and trying to make a difference.”

The woman attached a handwritten message to the bracelet, which read: “You are one of my 58 acts of kindness in remembrance of the 58 angels who lost their lives that night.”

McGill honoured the woman’s request and passed the bracelet and message along to the next customer, who happened to be an RCMP officer.

“She kind of broke down herself and said that she knew somebody who needed this right now,” says McGill. “She said that the RCMP members had a really tough day on that day, October 1, and that this message really means a lot to her.”

McGill says it was an encounter she will never forget.

“This interaction that happened here at the store was completely unexpected, and obviously it will now touch me for the rest of my life,” says McGill. “I hope she knows that.”

The story was so inspiring Bella Chic will continue to pay it forward, by randomly gifting a pair of bracelets to customers throughout the week. All they ask is that the customers keep one for themselves and give the other to a stranger.