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'We Are All Electric Beings': Regina art exhibit hopes to raise awareness for environmental issues


A new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Regina is hoping to bring people’s attention to the environment.

Four western Canadian artists participated in the “We Are All Electrical Beings” exhibition, using different forms of media.

Artist Rachel Broussard created a collage of endangered species of animals and plants from Canadian nature books.

“Just noticing the different changes in the environment and the way things were melting and freezing I had an idea to start making art about the kind of fear I was feeling about the future,” said Broussard.

The exhibition included a two-sided installation with a plant spa and adoption. Each participant had a chance to adopt a plant for free.

“It is really important that we remember that we are part of this world together and so we need to kind of create these cohesive lives that balance the needs of each other,” said Alyssa Ellis, one of the artists.

Gallery visitors were able to watch a performance and interact with the exhibits.

“It is important to remind ourselves how important nature is to all of us because the only thing that all of us are doing is destroy it, any kind of these events would be really helpful,” said Ashkan, a visitor of the exhibit.

Sandee Moore, the curator of the exhibition, said that everyone can come and explore the journey of relationships between humans and the natural world.

“We Are All Electrical Beings” will be open until January 8 at the Art Gallery of Regina. Top Stories

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