REGINA -- The largest highway infrastructure project in Saskatchewan history is coming to a close, as the Regina Bypass gets ready to open to traffic after four years of work.

The grand opening ribbon cutting for the bypass will be held on Monday and it will officially open for traffic on Tuesday Evening.

"We're basically done.  We're focusing on cleaning up, removing our equipment,” said Justin Churko, the project director for the Regina Bypass. “When the sun rises on [Oct. 29], we'll start pulling barricades and doing removals in a safe and orderly fashion, but I do expect it to take the majority of the day on [Oct. 29] but we'll have it open for roughly 6 p.m. that day."  

The bypass includes 12 overpasses and 40 kilometres of four lane highway to take Trans-Canada highway traffic away from the city.

The end of the project means the Regina Bypass trucks seen around the city will soon be gone, along with the hundreds of workers who helped design and build the project.

Chris Koop, a project manager for the Bypass, is one of the engineers who has called Regina home for the past four years.

"I've really appreciated my four years in Regina.  It's a beautiful city.  There are lots of things to do with a young family, beautiful trails around Wascana Lake."

The Regina Bypass will be posting updates on Tuesday to its Twitter account so motorists can learn the exact moment the bypass opens.