Earlier in the week, it was reported that Dwight McMillan, the head coach of the Weyburn Red Wings SJHL team was entering retirement.

The hockey club announced that they “regretfully accepted” McMillan’s resignation.

But now, McMillan has stepped forward to set the record straight. McMillan claims he was fired on Dec. 22, during a meeting with the Red Wings board of directors.

McMillan said his coaching style – which has helped win the club two national championships over almost four decades – was a source of conflict between McMillan and the board of directors.

“My philosophy of coaching is very demanding, and I believe in accountability and responsibility and nobody gets off the hook,” said McMillan. “They have a different philosophy with the new guys that came on.”

McMillan said he gave the organization the opportunity to say he had made the decision to retire, which they accepted.

Weyburn Red Wings president Scott Sabados maintains that McMillan made the decision to retire.

“We met with Dwight McMillan to discuss what the best options were for the club,” he said. “At that point we mutually agreed to accept his retirement offer that was put forward.”