Dozens of students and community members discussed reconciliation at the "Going Beyond Words: Honouring Our Children and Youth" workshop in Regina on Saturday.

The main focus was to support youths in their education, activism and their role in reconciliation. It also aimed to connect Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, to address deep issues faced by the province.

Guest speakers came from other provinces to speak to the youths and to cover important issues.

"When we look at the issues, the social issues that we’re facing today, with homelessness, with the numbers of Indigenous women who have gone missing and murdered, the numbers of children who are growing up who can’t access the same services that the majority of non-Indigenous people take for granted. Those realities have to be addressed, and there’s no better way to address them than to have Indigenous and non-Indigenous people working together on the issues,” Guest speaker Sylvia Smith said.

Organizers hope that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous attendees feel a new sense of hope in building a better relationship with each other.