REGINA -- Saskatchewan reported 168 new cases of COVID-19, along with two new deaths and 105 new recoveries.


There are 110 new VoC cases in Saskatchewan. There are 1064 VoC cases in Saskatchewan to date, 895 of which are in Regina.

The province is able to report that 118 new lineage results have been reported, however it did not provide the results of the new findings.

Of the 478 VoC cases that have lineage results to report, 470 are B1.1.1.7 (UK) and eight are B1.351 (SA).


One person who died was in their 40s in the North Central zone, the other was in their 70s in the Central East zone.

Saskatchewan has 1,623 active COVID-119 cases. New cases reported Thursday are located in Far Northwest (two), Far Northeast (three), Northwest (three), North Central (two), Northeast (one), Saskatoon (25), Central West (three), Central East (19), Regina (70), South Central (11), and Southeast (24) zones. Five new cases are pending location details.


There were 4,247 doses of COVID-19 vaccines distributed on Thursday.

The latest doses were given in the Far Northwest (170), North Central (18), North East (633), Saskatoon (1,289), Central West (340), Central East (40), South Central (157), Southeast (182) and Regina (1,418).