REGINA -- Nearly 5,000 Crown corporation employees are taking job action. Workers at crowns like SaskTel, SaskPower and SaskEnergy are still doing their jobs but won't agree to overtime.

The union is trying to pressure the government into a contract agreement.

"We're hoping for a settlement. Up until this point the government hasn't changed its position. They're stuck hard on zero, zero and one and they basically forced us into the next step which is the job action for four days and we through we'd put some pressure on," Dave Kuntz with Unifor said.

Last week, contract talks broke off after the government insisted on no raise for two years and one or two percent after that. The union says it wants the same 2.3 per cent cost of living increase that Saskatchewan MLA’s accepted this year.

There is an essential services agreement between the union and the crown utilities. It is in effect during the work to rule campaign, and would also apply to any future strike.