REGINA -- This story was originally published on Tuesday, June 30. The Government of Saskatchewan will not be providing an update on COVID-19 cases on July 1.

The province is reporting six new cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, bringing the total to 785 cases.

The government said Tuesday that of the new cases, three are in the Far North, two in the North and one in the South.

It said of the overall cases, 88 are considered active. There are five new recoveries, bringing the total to 684 recoveries.

Four people are receiving inpatient care in the hospital, with two in the North, one in Saskatoon and one in the South. One person is in intensive care in the North, the government said.


The Saskatchewan Health Authority is currently developing new guidelines for visitation at hospitals and care-facilities.

Speaking Tuesday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said the new guidelines will give families more opportunities to visit loved ones in care.

“We still have to be very careful in those facilities, as that is where some of the most dangerous outbreaks in our nation and around the world have occurred,” Moe said.

“We are working to find the right balance that will keep everyone safe, while recognizing how critically important it is for hospital patients and our seniors in long-term care homes, to be able to see members of their family.”

An announcement on these new guidelines is expected later this week.


Of the 785 cases in the province, 165 cases are travellers, 473 are community contacts (including mass gatherings), 106 have no known exposures, and 41 are under investigation by local public health.

In Saskatchewan, 55 cases are health care workers, though the source of their infections may not be related to health care work, the government said.

As well, 327 of the cases are from the Far North, 186 are from the Saskatoon area, 116 from the North, 80 from the Regina area, 64 from the South and 12 from the Central region.


There are 114 cases that involve people 19 years of age and under, the government said, while the rest are adults.

There are 271 cases among people ages 20-39, 249 are in people ages 40-59, 130 in people ages 60-79, and 21 are in people 80 years or older.

As well, 51 per cent of the cases are females and 49 per cent are males.

There have been a reported 13 deaths related to COVID-19.

The province has conducted 65,940 COVID-19 tests. Saskatchewan’s per capita rate as of June 28 was 49,250 people tested per million population. The national rate was 72,406 people tested per million population.