Regina police are trying to identify an alleged vehicle vandal who was caught red-handed by a dash camera.

Nathan Dueck and his family were having brunch at a restaurant in the city on Mother’s Day. When they returned to their truck, they found messages written in permanent marker on the windows, doors and side mirrors, complaining about how the vehicle was parked.

“I did angle it a little bit in there so my doors wouldn’t get dinged and it’s not like we were at the very front of the parking toward the building,” Dueck said.

“We parked furthest away…on the other side where the least amount of traffic parks.”

But what the alleged vandal didn’t know is a dash camera that had been installed in the truck only days before captured the entire incident on video.

“I was excited,” Dueck said. “I was overjoyed to know we can catch this guy.”

Regina police say they’re investigating the case and they’re asking anyone who recognizes the man in the video to come forward.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Tonaya Marr