YORKTON -- A pair of artists shared their unique craft with Yorkton residents, with hopes of spreading some cheer in the community.

Earlier this year, Team Snow Art -- made up of Theressa Wright and Terry Ouellette -- sculpted a big “Saskatoon Hug” in their front yard in the Bridge City. 

snow art

After seeing the project on Twitter, the City of Yorkton decided it needed a hug, too.

"The inspiration was something like ours. I never do anything twice, so it had to be something different, but have the same sort of feel," said Wright. 

It took her around 40 hours to come up with Yorkton’s design, which is called “Huggable.” 


A sketch of what Wright's sculpture in Yorkton will look like. (Supplied: Snow Art)

Lisa Washington, community development manager for the City of Yorkton, said the community could use a hug to get through the pandemic and this chilly February.

The project was made possible through funding. Yorkton’s community development, parks and recreation department received a Sask Lotteries Community Grant and support from Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District. 

The sculpture is being built in City Centre Park off Broadway Street, where it will be visible from the street to prevent crowding for public health reasons.

"We wanted it to be someplace that people could see easily, so this is the main drag in Yorkton," said Washington.

Washington said its placement is also set far enough back to deter vandalism as they want to see it up for as long as possible. 

Washington added that she hopes the piece will help bring the community together while getting people excited about winter. 

Wright agreed, she said the stretch of winter after the holidays can drag on, with little to look forward to until spring.

"It gets people out of their houses in the dead of the winter, when we like to stay inside where it's warm," said Wright. 

Wright said people are wanting to get out but do not know how to do so safely, and the hug in their yard has seen a lot of drive by visitors.

As a professional sculptor for 27 years, Wright has created art all over the world. Washington said she is excited to bring a little bit of culture to the city 

"They took an idea and made it into something and people are going to get a lot of joy out of this," said Washington. 

The eight foot tall piece of art is set to be completed on Feb. 18.