Longtime west end resident Jim Zinkhin isn’t happy about the City of Regina’s plan to trap and possibly destroy wild rabbits.

“I’m totally against that because in my view we can always co-habit, normally at least, with nature, just most people don’t want to.”

The city says the rabbits eat bark off the trees, eventually killing them. Spokesman Russel Erich said the goal of the pilot project is not to eliminate all the animals, only to control the population.

Pete Van Vleet, co-owner of Sherwood Greenhouse and Garden Centre, said tree guards are an alternative that would protect a tree trunk.

The city did not respond to CTV’s request for comment on the public outcry for changes to the project, but late Wednesday afternoon the city said in a Tweet the "Rabbit Control Pilot Program has been suspended as traps have been tampered with. No rabbits have been trapped at this point."