Police in Weyburn were called to the intersection of Highway 39 and Queen Street after a vehicle was struck by a train Monday.

No one was injured in the crash, but police say such calls are too common at the intersection.

“A lot of it in my opinion is the design,” said Weyburn Police Chief Marlo Pritchard.

“There’s a short approach on Highway 39. A lot of it is semis, their trailers hang over the approach and they aren’t able to clear the tracks before a train comes, and then there’s a collision.”

The tracks that run along the highway at the intersection are also blocked by a heavy section of trees, making it difficult for drivers to see oncoming rail and highway traffic.

In a statement, Canadian Pacific Railway said it has asked the city to shut down the intersection. But Weyburn Mayor Marcel Roy said that option could just move problems from one intersection to another.

"It would push a lot more traffic onto the (Highway 13) and Highway 39 intersection, which is already a poorly engineered intersection as it is, and it will just increase accidents there,” Roy said.

For now, no meeting has been set up. Until then, Pritchard said drivers who don’t absolutely need to use the intersection should avoid the area.