REGINA -- Consumers Co-operative Refinery Limited (CCRL) and Unifor met back in court for a second contempt of court hearing for the injunction issued against Unifor in December.

The hearing started off with Unifor asking for an adjournment to review the allegations.

“We could not locate a single case in the history of this province where an employer has been before the court for a second time pleading that the court’s orders simply be respected,” said Consumers Co-operative Refinery Limited (CCRL) lawyer Eileen Libby.

CCRL is seeking jail time for Unifor Local 594 members and a fine in the millions.

In addition to a fixed fine, CCRL is seeking $100,000 daily in fines against Unifor.

Unifor lawyer Crystal Norbeck said Bittman attests that this labour dispute has become bigger than him. They also are not disputing that breaches of the injunction have taken place, but called the breaches minor compared to the penalties sought.

CCRL responded that breaches being called minor is "troubling".

Unifor has also argued that a distinction needs to be made between the actions of the local and national unions.

CCRL is also seeking an order that would authorize it to remove the barricades around the refinery.

The application for the adjournment was dismissed by the judge.

Thursday evening, after nearly six hours of deliberations, Justice Neil Robertson reserved his decision in the case.