REGINA -- Michael Kram has been declared the winner of the contentious riding of Regina-Wascana, previously held by Liberal MP Ralph Goodale for 26 years.

He spoke to reporters in Regina following his loss, and said he wasn't sure what would be next for him.

“I was riveted on this campaign and this riding doing the very best job I possibly could,” Goodale said. “I have no plans beyond this evening. We will see what unfolds in the future.”

He said he feels disappointment for his loyal voters, but mostly a "deep sense of gratitude" for all they've done for him in his 26 years as an MP in Regina.

Goodale had 55.1 per cent of the vote in 2015, followed by Conservative candidate Michael Kram with 30.3 per cent.

Goodale was elected for the first time for one term, in 1974. He was defeated in the following election.

ralph goodale

He served briefly as an MLA in the 1980s, before again seeking federal office.