According to Chief Lynn Acoose of Sakimay First Nation, the reserve could be looking at a bill up to $100,000, to clean up after former cabin owners around Crooked Lake.

In May, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) issued termination notices to 31 cabin owners who had unpaid rent to the landowner – Sakimay First Nation. The terminations followed a raise in lease rates by the owner in order to better reflect the value of the land.

Acoose said some abandoned lots were left in a mess following a flood in 2014, and the cost of cleanup will come out of Sakimay’s pocket.

Of the 31 lots issued terminations, only some are abandoned. Cottage owner Elaine Ashfield said she’s facing eviction from her lot.

Ashfield hadn’t paid her lease in eight years because of an on-going class-action lawsuit by the tenants, but Ashfield said that when she tried to pay her debt last year she did not receive a response from Sakimay First Nation.

“…As per the terms and conditions of the lease agreements, cottagers are required to return the lots to their original state (neat and useable condition), removing any improvements and vacating the land.” ISC said, in a statement.

ISC said the 31 lots will be inspected in the coming weeks.