Thirty cottage owners at Crooked Lake are facing eviction from their property surrounding the lake in the coming months.

Long time cottagers are facing eviction by Sakimay First Nation, who owns the land around the lake.

“At present we do not have a lease. We have offered to pay what the landlord is requesting,” cottage owner Elaine Ashfield said. “They have ignored our request and terminated the lease.”

Ashfield, along with approximately 30 other property owners, were told they must return the land their cottages are on to their ‘natural state’ before the end of the summer.

The dispute between Sakimay First nation and Crooked Lake residents over the cost to lease the land goes back a decade.

According to Ashfield, she was issued a notice regarding the amount they owed in December 2017.

Chief Lynn Acoose said the reason for the higher rates and evictions is to utilize the land to its full value.

“We’re going to be establishing public areas and a boat launch and a picnic area for visitors and tenants,” Acoose said.