Former Deputy Premier Don McMorris has pleaded guilty to blowing over the legal limit.

McMorris was pulled over on Aug. 5 in a construction zone near White City. He resigned his position the next day.

RCMP pulled McMorris over and performed breathalyzer tests on the side of the road. Court heard that he blew 0.20 and 0.21, more than twice the legal limit.

McMorris pled guilty to blowing over the legal limit, but the charge of impaired driving was stayed.

"The crown is only seeking a conviction on one or the other,” said Aaron Fox, McMorris’ defence lawyer. “If there's a guilty plea or a finding of guilty on one, the other one would be stayed. That's what occurred here and that's what would occur any other time there's a charge like this brought up in court."

McMorris said he is ashamed by his actions.

“There are no excuses, there is no rationale whatsoever for what I have done that day,” McMorris said after sentencing. “I know better, I know so much better. As I had said in the courtroom, it’s been work that I’ve worked on for a long, long time. So there are no excuses. I’ve been very lucky that there was no one hurt or injured, because that definitely could happen.”

He has been sentenced to one year of suspended license, and an $1,820 fine. He is also attending counselling.

McMorris was the minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, and Saskatchewan Government Insurance. He has said he will be seeking counselling while he deals with the legal aspects of his charge.