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Federal election 2021 - Regina-Lewvan



Warren Steinley - Conservative

Incumbent Conservative Candidate Warren Steinley is seeking reelection in the Regina-Lewvan riding.

Before entering federal politics, Steinley served as a Saskatchewan Party MLA in Regina Walsh Acres for eight years.

Steinley said policies to address the rising cost of living and overspending in Ottawa are key.

"That spending has to be brought under control because the price of living is an issue that comes up on the doorsteps often and affordability and if inflation keeps going at the rate it is, people are going to find it harder and harder to make ends meet," Steinley said.

Tria Donaldson - NDP

In 2019, the NDP came in second with 28.6 per cent of the vote, but the party has held the seat before and candidate Tria Donaldson is hopeful it can flip orange again.

Originally from British Columbia before moving to the Regina, she's most recently worked in communications with the Canadian Union of Public Employees and has been an activist at the provincial level.

Donaldson said with her Indigenous background, some of her top issues include climate change and reconciliation.

“We need to have more diverse voices in our parliament that are pushing to take action on the things we need to do to avoid climate change, address inequality and really work on reconciliation," Donaldson said.

Susan Cameron - Liberal

Susan Cameron is running for the Liberals. She's a former teacher, has worked in the agri-food sector and has been a longtime volunteer in Regina.

If elected, Cameron plans to help finish the fight against COVID-19, improve childcare and serve as Saskatchewan's Liberal voice.

“When this election came around I knew that I needed to put my name on the ballot to give us a voice at the table where decisions are being made," Cameron said.

Michael Wright - Green

Green Party Candidate Michael Wright is a math, physics and French teacher and former engineer for the Ministry of Highways.

Wright said he's running to help keep social action like a nationwide ban on conversion therapy and strong environmental policy top of mind for all parties.

"By voting for us, the other parties, they get scared. They see that when we show up at debates, when we show up at debates and when we show up at forums they need to change their tune on these issues," Wright said.

Rod Kletchko - PPC

Rod Kletchko is the candidate for the People's Party of Canada. He joined the PPC to stand up for Canadian rights and freedoms.

"I am with the right party and I believe the people of Canada, once they take a look at our common sense approach to running Canada they won’t any longer, listen to the bought and paid for news.”


  • Warren Steinley, Conservative - 27,088 (52.5 per cent)
  • Jigar Patel, NDP - 14,767 (28.6 per cent)
  • Winter Fedyk, Liberal - 6,826 (13.2 per cent)
  • Naomi Hunter, Green Party - 2,099 (4.1 per cent)
  • Trevor Wowk, PPC - 573 (1.1 per cent)
  • Don Morgan - Independent - 201 (0.4 per cent)
  • Ian Bridges - National Citizens Alliance - 60 (0.1 per cent) Top Stories

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