The Federal Government issued an apology and financial settlement to Veterans who risked their lives to fight injustice in World War II, and faced discrimination when they returned home.

Mets soldiers were denied Veterans benefits when they returned home from the Second World War. For 80 years, the Veterans and their families have fought for the benefits they were entitled to.

Each living Metis World War II Veteran, or their estate, will receive a payout of $20,000. Leftover funds will be allocated to a legacy fund.

“They went [to war] as brothers and sisters, it didn’t matter what race or colour you were,” David Chartrand with the Metis National Council said. “When they got home they realized how hard it is to be who you are. The Metis’ were told ‘Go back to your trap line, your fishing, to the community you come from. Why do you think you deserve eye glasses? Dental?”

Only about a dozen Metis Veterans are known to still be alive, and the majority of the money will go to the legacy fund.