REGINA -- The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations has announced it plans to create a bill to address suicide prevention in Saskatchewan.

Speaking on Tuesday at the Walking with our Angels site, FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron said the bill will be built on recommendations from Indigenous peoples.

“We all love our children,” Cameron said. “We should all try to save them.”

The chiefs joined Walking with our Angels organizer Tristen Durocher, discussing suicide prevention in the province.

Some said the issue is not about politics. Instead, it’s about the lives of children. They urged for more services.

As well, some chiefs spoke about how they have lost some of their loved ones to suicide  

Durocher has been staying in the tipi since July 31. He walked from La Ronge to the legislature to demand more action on suicide prevention.

walking with our angels tipi

The Walking with our Angels camp on the legislature grounds. (CTV Regina)

He has faced bylaw infractions for not removing the tipi.

He has met with government ministers, but says they have shown no willingness to do more to address suicides in Saskatchewan.

He plans to stay at the camp until Sept. 13, which is when his ceremonial fast is expected to end.