Gyms in the province are preparing for a new wave of resolutioners as the New Year approaches.

“It’s a chance for people to better themselves,” said Harley Rivet, president of Deep Dish Digital. “Fitness companies make most of their sales in December, January and February and that ties in a lot of people’s New Year’s resolutions.”

Rivet says companies need to plan their marketing strategically during the high-interest time.

“It’s no coincidence that you see fitness companies and gyms advertising a lot right now,” he said.

Opex Regina co-owner Hayley Flegel says resolutioners are evident every January.

“We usually see a large influx of consults and people calling and coming in the front door to see what they can get from us,” she said.

The influx means more preparation for staff. Flegel says they’re always on top of supplying and cleaning the gym and trainers can expect to work a lot of hours.

“We make sure that we’re fully staffed all of January, so that means no vacations for our coaches,” Flegel said.

Opex also has a solution for resolutioners who want to give up after a month or two.

“You have coach that you’re accountable to, so you don’t have the option of coming for the first couple of weeks and then stopping,” Flegel said.

While Rivet says the fitness industry may see most of the payoff from resolutioners, other industries helping people “better themselves” could benefit too.

“Maybe there’s career services, people want to find a new job,” he said. “Maybe there’s financial services, people want to improve their financial situation.”

Whatever the resolution, the New Year means the perfect opportunity for new goals.