The Global Transportation Hub has been called a land deal, a land scandal and everything in between, and that parcel of property at the global transportation hub is still making headlines.

On Thursday, a Saskatchewan Party MLA flipped the script.

Jeremy Harrison, who has announced his intention to run for leadership, says the government has mishandled dealings with the GTH.

He says if he becomes the next premier, he would sell the government's interest in the hub.

“There were very serious mistakes made as far as the policy background to all of this, and the development of the GTH,” Harrison told reporters on Thursday. “The most obvious one, of course, is that we paid way too much money for the GTH. I think that the really serious policy mistake we made at the beginning of this is that the government shouldn't be leading these developments.”

Harrison was also critical of fellow MLA Bill Boyd. Boyd was recently in China seeking investments in a private venture and was presented as a Saskatchewan cabinet minister. Harrison says he would fire a cabinet minister who was found under similar circumstances.