REGINA -- After some recent questions about protocols for worshiping amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Saskatchewan has released new safety guidelines for drive-in or remote worship services.


Services can be delivered as drive-in gatherings, as long as people remain in their vehicles and do not have any contact with other worshipers. Only people from the same household can be in the same vehicle.

Services must be held in designated parking lots or staging areas and organizers need to take measures to ensure people to not leave their vehicles while at the service. Vehicles must also be separated by at least two metres.

Access to any facilities like washrooms is discouraged, however, where washroom access must be provided, frequent cleaning and disinfecting is required throughout the event.

No food and beverage service is allowed and all other services like picnic and play areas must be suspended.

The province said anyone who is unwell or has symptoms must remain home.

Organizers are also required to be in contact with local public health officials to make sure the event does not risk transmission of the virus.


Holding remote worship services online is also being encouraged.

Services may be delivered over online video, as long as no more than 10 people are in the place of worship at one time.

Social distancing protocols must continue to be observed.