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Here's what Regina's mayor says could be done to fix the underpass flooding issue

Flooded underpasses have been a common occurrence in Regina this spring with several thunderstorms dumping heavy rain on the city.

Once again Wednesday night city crews responded to several vehicles that had driven through a flooded underpass at Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive following heavy rain.

Mayor Sandra Masters said the city does have a solution for the Albert Street underpass that would include storage tanks.

“There is a solution for the Albert Street underpass with some underground storage tanks and work will be undertaken as we improve Saskatchewan Drive,” Masters said in an interview with CTV Morning Live.

Masters said there is also a storm detention pond being considered for The Yards area.

“I think we are already investigating the idea of cross-bars that come down to prevent [traffic] during rainstorms that can be activated so that we’re not depending on humans and we can use some technology to shut down our underpasses during heavy rain events,” Masters said.

It could be two or three years before rehabilitation of the intersection is completed and underground water storage tanks are operational. Until then, the city will erect barricades as soon as flooding occurs.

According to the City of Regina’s storm response page on its website, there are no road closures this morning due to flooding.

Once again on Thursday there is a chance for thunderstorm activity in the Queen City, according to a tweet from ECCC Weather Saskatchewan.

However, Regina appears to only have a minor chance of storm activity for the next 24 hours.

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