Residents in Regina’s Heritage neighbourhood are sharing their concerns, after a man described as a "high risk to reoffend" will be moving in to the area.

Jason Paul Thorne, 41, has a criminal history, including sexual offences, and police say he has a history of reoffending.

A resident in the Heritage neighbourhood says at least four repeat sex offenders have been moved to the area of the last couple years, and it's a concerning trend.

Corrections Service Canada could not confirm why the Heritage area seems to be the chosen community, but Regina Police say it could be because of a nearby halfway home.

"There's parks and there's schools, there’s a pool. So, I don't understand why they would be releasing them in an area where there is a high percentage of children that live there,” Heritage resident for the past four years Wendy Whitebear said.

"There was that initial reaction of you know I have young kids and that's concerning to me,” Heritage resident for the past six years Josh Campbell said.

"When potentially dangerous offenders are released from prison, local police are alerted. And if there is a danger, police can use existing systems to alert the public,” the Office of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in a statement.

Campbell feels the community should also trust the system.

"The police put out warning and they have these kind of persons under watch. And there's certain conditions, and I trust in that process,” Campbell said.

“Offenders on community release are expected to participate in programs tailored to their specific needs,” the Office of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in a statement.

Police say Thorne has a number of conditions he must follow, including carrying a release certificate and identity card provided by the releasing authority.