REGINA -- The Chair of the Hutterian Safety Council (HSC) stated his full support for the province's efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, in a letter to the premier on Thursday.

“The focus of the HSC has always been to simultaneously support the government and our communities. Regarding COVID-19, our task has been to ensure that Hutterites have the information they need to follow provincial public health orders for the safety of all citizens,” David Tschetter, Chair of the Hutterian Safety Council, wrote to Premier Scott Moe.

On Wednesday Moe said success has come for the many colonies that made the necessary changes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

He said not every colony has adopted the necessary changes.

“There are a few that aren’t quite as cooperative,” Moe said on Wednesday. “[Some are] not willing to change some of their communal practices like eating and praying together.”

Tschetter goes on to say colonies and community members who need extra support to take the necessary steps will be supported by the council.

“We recognize that, although many of our communities are falling in line, there are those who need extra support in order to achieve compliance,” he said. “The HSC stands at the ready to act in a supportive role to collaborate with you, the ministry, the health authority, and Hutterites to accomplish this.”