The International Moose Summit has come to an end on Wednesday with Moose Jaw and Stor-Eldval signing a “Moosarandum of Understanding.”

The document outlines that Norway’s Storelgen will be the shiniest and most attractive moose in the world and Moose Jaw’s Mac the Moose will become the world tallest moose once he gets a new set of antlers.

The City of Moose Jaw says it has no timeline on when Mac will get his makeover.

It also says Norway will hold a day to celebrate Canada and Moose Jaw will have a day in October to celebrate Norway.

Deputy mayor of Stor-Eldval Linda Otnes Henriksen arrived in the province on Friday to meet with Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie over the international moose battle. Storelgen took over the title of World’s Tallest Moose in 2015, building a moose 30 centimetres taller than Mac.

The leaders hope the moose truce is an example to other world leaders.

“When you have an open mind and you reach out to someone and they reach out to you back you can make a good positive relationship. I think that is one of the best things that came out of this,” Henriksen said.

“It’s better to collaborate. The dogmatic ‘I’m always right’ and not admitting your faults or your wrong, people are getting tired of it,” Tolmie said.

Tolmie and Henriksen also visited Premier Scott Moe at the legislature on Wednesday where Moe learned the “Moose Truce” dance.

The moose melee has gained national attention and inspired two songs — “Moose Truce (Make Moose not War) by Norweigan artists Ganic and Vimarida and “No Way Norway” by Canadian musician Dave Carroll.

The moose dance performed by Moe and Henriksen was inspired by a music video for Norway’s “Moose Truce.”

Henriksen flies home to Norway on Thursday.