Some fitness enthusiasts in the Queen City are taking advantage of a fun fitness trend called Kangoo.

Participants put on special semi-circle shaped boots that help them bounce up and down while balancing, making for a tough cardio and core strength work out.

“They are an impact protection system, that gives you that rebound effect, which helps you bounce up and down,” said Aliz Unrau, the owner of Kangoo Club Queen City.

The boots compress with each step to absorb the impact of athletic activity that can cause damage to joints. And for many of the jumpers, there is a bit of a learning curve to using the special boots.

“You feel like you don't have your balance initially, but you just do a few movements and walk around a bit, and you get really comfortable with them very quick,” said Laurie Schuster Sydor, who participates in Kangoo classes.

Unrau says that the classes are an option for nearly any age from six to 99. Kangoo also makes for a lower impact workout for people with prior injuries.

“I had some injuries with my knee a few years back, so I’ve had to be a little bit careful. The boots are amazing because they absorb like 80 per cent of the impact,” said Schuster Sydor.

Kangoo Club Queen City meets every Saturday and is always looking for new bouncers to join.

Based on a report by Stefanie Davis