REGINA -- You’ve seen the ads by now for 5G technology at various companies. Telecommunications companies have been heralding it’s arrival. Bell, which owns CTV, says their 5G service will be a ‘game changer’. “5G” refers to fifth generation technology in standard cellular networks. The phone you might be reading this on right now is likely 4G, you’ll see it in the top left corner.

What does 5G do? Well, according to these companies, it’ll up the response time of your device when connecting to things on the internet. That means you’ll be able to download faster, stream more smoothly, that kind of thing. More bandwidth. More access to service. They say it’ll especially help out in areas of the province that are currently under served.

Is it safe? Experts say yes. There are conspiracy theories out there that have blamed 5G technology for a number of things including COVID-19… but its just not true. Low band and mid band 5G networks are based on radio frequencies that have been used for decades and COVID-19 is relatively new. 5G services are being rolled out by all of the major carriers right now.