A local video game creator is developing a new game that will soon hit the market in Regina.

“Queen City Chaos is a retro-style, 8-bit, brawler adventure game set in Regina. There’s a ton of inspiration from my childhood favorites. It was really the Nintendo NES that inspired me to become a game developer,” CEO of Massive Corporation Game Studios and developer Kai Hutchence said. “We just announced the game a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been in development for a few months so far but probably have a year of production ahead of us.”

According to Hutchence, he created the video game to combat Regina’s mutant problem. He said he wanted to develop a video game about the city he grew up in. Regina’s iconic skyline featuring the SGI building and the two towers is featured in the title screen. Wascana Park’s gazebo, with the Legislative Building in the background is also in one of the battle stages. Players can also fight multiple green mutants on the Albert Street Memorial Bridge. Hutchence hopes to add more locations in the future.

"I’ve always loved my home town, and really wanted to find a way to celebrate it, build some civic pride. I’m rediscovering all the tourist sites, the landmarks, the wonderful folklore and tales about the town. It’s been a lot of fun reimaging Regina in a videogame form," he said.

Hutchence hopes the game will help build the game industry in Regina and Saskatchewan.

Hutchence is in charge of the game development. He has reached out to local artists and a musician for help with the artwork and the music.

“I’m not much of an artist myself. So far doing the programming and coming up with the physics behind it is easier for me as a non-artist. Thankfully I found a number of people really passionate about the project.”

The game won’t be ready until 2020, but Hutchence took it to the Sask Expo, and the Game and Watch event to let some gamers try it out.

"The graphics and the feel reminds me of a lighter Street Fighter or a Mortal Kombat like back in the day when I used to play as a kid," said Ryan Donohue.

"It brings a sense of pride for my town," said James Perih.

“River City Ransom, Double Dragon, Battle Toads, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I really wanted to pay homage to the classic games. The game has all these borrowed ideas and mashed together concepts,” added Hutchence.

Queen City Chaos will also feature a version where players can explore Regina, without the fear of mutant attack. Hutchence grew up in Regina but moved to Ontario after school to develop iPhone apps. He said there weren't any jobs in the game development industry in Saskatchewan and he’d like to see that change.

"Try and make sure that the game industry started growing here and provides some opportunities for youth so that the next generation of Reginans don’t feel like they have to leave Regina to pursue their dreams in the gaming industry,” he said.

“It will be an open-world game where you can explore Regina. There are a certain number of threats and problems that make life a little more difficult. You’re going to have discover why these are happening and there will be clues all around town,” he added.

Hutchence plans to release the game on PC, available for download on STEAM. He believes the price will range from $10 to $20 dollars. He is also considering porting the game to console.

With files from CTV Regina's Cally Stephanow and Creeson Agecoutay