A Regina man has been charged with sexual assault in relation to an incident that happened in December of 2017.

Officers learned about the assault on June 7. According to police, a 36-year-old woman was with a man in a home. The man began to shout and threw an object, police said in a news release. The man grabbed her when she tried to leave, injuring her. Police say he then sexually assaulted the woman.

The woman was able to escape the home, but left her belongings — including a large sum of cash, police said in a news release. The man then refused to return her belongings when the woman contacted him.

On June 8, 33-year-old Christopher Adam Seitz was charged with sexual assault, assault causing bodily harm and theft under $5,000. He made his first court appearance on Monday morning.

In April, police charged Seitz with sexual assault and robbery after an incident on March 21, 2018. These charges are still before the court.