REGINA -- During Wednesday evening’s party leaders’ debate, the leader of the Sask. Party alleged there is $4 billion unaccounted for in the NDP’s platform.

NDP leader Ryan Meili disputed Scott Moe’s claim at a campaign event in Regina on Thursday morning.

“Scott Moe is making up his own numbers,” NDP Leader, Ryan Meili said. “Those are not legitimate. We've costed a platform, and we're fully confident in the numbers we put forward.”

Moe said that he believes the NDP failed to properly cost their platform, and will hike taxes to make up the difference.

“We saw it every election from the Sask Party, they bring in their version of the numbers that skew things in a way that isn't right and it's pretty typical and how they operate in government as well. This is a government you cannot trust when it comes to the numbers,” Meili said.

Moe revealed his own party’s costing of the NDP’s plan during Wednesday night’s provincial debate. The Saskatchewan Party’s costing suggested the NDP projects would cost $4 billion more than was accounted for in the party's platform.

“Mr. Meili has no plan to balance the budget, he has a plan to make a plan to balance the budget. He has put forward a $2.7 billion costed plan,” Moe said, during the debate. “There’s an additional $4 billion that Mr. Meili has not come forward within his plan, $4 billion in unaccounted spending.”

The Saskatchewan Party said they stand by their costing of the NDP’s proposed projects.

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