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Canada remains undefeated at World Para Ice Hockey Championships

Team Canada defeated Team Czechia 2-1 Tuesday night at the Moose Jaw Events Centre.

“We got the win. A little closer than we would have liked. But I think in reflecting on that you have to give so much credit to them. They played an outstanding game,” Team Canada captain, Tyler McGregor, told CTV News.

McGregor had a goal and an assist in Tuesday’s victory.

He is now second in points at the World Championships behind his teammate, Dominic Cozzolino.

Tuesday’s matchup marked the team’s second game of the World Para Ice Hockey Championships. They defeated Korea 15-1 in their opening match of the tournament. Czechia has now lost both of their games so far after they lost 7-1 to the United States on Monday.

Which meant this game was a lot tighter than most expected.

“You saw how tough their defence were to generate offence and they proved that right from the drop of the puck through to the end,” head coach Russ Herrington said.

“We don’t play in many games where you’ve had to scratch and claw to hold on to a lead and I think that’s important in terms of the development of our team.”

Despite Canada outshooting Czechia 19-9 they are still using this game as what they expect for Wednesday’s matchup against their biggest rival, the United States.

“Our best part of our game was the third period perhaps. Something that we can build on moving forward whether it’s put into use tomorrow night or the semifinals, or whenever we need to draw on that experience,” Herrington said.

“I think defensively that’s a good test. We know we’re playing an offensive powerhouse tomorrow. I think the intensity just elevates even more,” McGregor said.

“[The U.S.], they’re a fast team. So we know exactly what to expect. We’ve played them numerous times.”

McGregor also noted how intense this rivalry is and why fans should come out to support the red and white for Wednesday night’s matchup.

“It’s exhilarating. I think it’s what you live for as high performance athletes. I think if you could, every single day you’d suit up and play in a close game against your biggest rivals,” he explained.

“Looking forward to being a part of that and playing in front of our home fans. I encourage everyone to come see our sport live. That’s when you really see the speed, the physicality, the intensity, and you grow an appreciation for it.”

Team Canada will take on USA at 7:00 pm at the Moose Jaw Events Centre on Wednesday night. Top Stories

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