MOOSE JAW -- The Moose Jaw Warriors have announced a new addition to its coaching staff.

Olivia Howe is poised to bring her extensive game experience to the Warriors. She won two NCAA championships with Clarkson University, was a captain for the Notre Dame Hounds and won an Esso Cup title in 2011.

"Alan asked me to do the training camp, and it was really exciting. I didn't hesitate obviously, just needed to get out there and be at this level of hockey, being working with the males out there. It's been really exciting. It's definitely a lot different coming from the female game, so a lot to learn," Howe said during an interview with the Moose Jaw Warriors media.

"She’ll be around our team for practice and games. She'll act as an eye in the sky during the games for our coaches, providing information. She'll work with Scott King in terms of getting on the ice and doing some skill development, player development with our players," Warriors GM Alan Millar said during an interview with the Moose Jaw Warriors media.

The league confirmed Howe is the first woman to be named to one of the WHL clubs coaching staff.