The Regina Board of Police Commissioners says it will need more time to decide whether to name homicide victims.

A report presented on Wednesday morning recommended victims should be named on a case-by-case basis, as decided by Chief Evan Bray.

“We can’t have a blanket policy,” Bray said at the meeting.

Mayor Michael Fougere said the report should be taken back to the Regina Police Service before a final decision is made. The policy will also be referred to consultation with the media.

Fougere also said the policy needs to follow legislative guidelines.

“This is about getting it right,” he said.

The policy will return for further discussion at the next Board of Police Commissioner’s meeting in September.

Numbers presented at the meeting show a spike in crime in July. According to Bray, auto theft is a major challenge for police this year.

Police also said they will have extra units on the highways during Rider games to work on Highway 11. The five-member unit will be expanding to 10 officers in the fall to help cover full-day enforcement.