Lisa Falk has had to stay home from work since October to look after her son Kyler, who was injured in a crash in October.

 “Awful, awful,” Lisa said. “You see those commercials on TV when you get that knock on the door, you get that phone call,”

The crash happened on Highway 47 on Oct. 13. Kyler was in a vehicle with his father and his father’s friend. The young boy suffered a brain injury and was airlifted by STARS Air Ambulance to a Regina hospital. He was then flown to Saskatoon for further treatment.

"I didn't remember because I was unconscious," Kyler said.

Kyler hasn’t been able to return to school since the crash.

"He's got a massive concussion,” Lisa said. “He can’t be around loud noises and lights and lots of kids and lots of stimulation."

Lisa has been home caring for her son since October. She’s used all of her vacation and sick time to cover the time away from work. Lisa said she was told by Saskatchewan Government Insurance that she wasn't eligible for compensation because now that her son was out of critical care, he did not require around the clock care at home.

CTV News contacted SGI about Lisa’s case on Friday morning. Around noon, SGI reached out to Lisa.

"I got a phone call from SGI and they are going to cover my lost wages from the time of the accident so that means I can get my vacation back, I can get my sick time back. It's a good story,” she said.

"In this case though because we're dealing with a child who had to stay at home from school and obviously cannot stay at home alone, when we took another look it was appropriate to make a payment to the mother for that time she had to be away from work," said Tyler McMurchy, a spokesperson for SGI.