Long term Member of Parliament, Ralph Goodale, has put rumours to bed that he was not seeking re-election.

"I have no idea who was seeding that. I have my suspicions," said Goodale. “Those sources are always wrong. They've been wrong for the last 25 years."

The longtime MP for Regina-Wascana will run in this fall's federal election.

"Well there's a lot more work left to be done," Goodale said.

This rumour isn’t the only issue Goodale has been dealing with this election campaign. There are radio ads telling listeners Goodale doesn’t vote for Saskatchewan residents. There is a billboard along Ring Rd. in Regina telling motorists, “Send Trudeau a Message. Vote Out Ralph Goodale.” There were other ads like this one around the city, but now only one remains.

The billboard was put up by Canada Growth Council who said in a statement, "We are taking a stand against Ralph Goodale because he no longer represents Saskatchewan and the industries that support families here and create a better quality of life for all Canada especially oil and gas, mining, and agriculture."

Experts say this type of billboard is odd because it attacks an MP when negative political ads usually target the leaders.

"Saskatchewan has already sent the message this is a conservative heartland in federal politics," said Ken Rasmussen, Professor of Public Policy at the University of Regina.

Rasmussen said negative political advertising mostly just reinforces the opinions of people who have already made up their mind rather than changes the votes of others.

"Simply re-enforce you're voting behavior as opposed to changing the voting behavior. It may motivate you to come out and vote which is just as important as switching people's votes," he said.