REGINA -- Saskatchewan truck drivers may soon receive their COVID-19 vaccine south of the border, following an offer from the state of North Dakota.

During Tuesday’s live COVID-19 update, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said the offer came from Doug Burgum, Governor of North Dakota.

“He said North Dakota does have a healthy vaccine supply and they’re vaccinating people 18 and over, and that they might be able to set up a vaccination clinic just south of the border to vaccinate Saskatchewan truckers travelling northbound, back into Canada,” Moe said.

American President Joe Biden recently bumped up his deadline by two weeks for states to make all adults in the U.S. eligible for coronavirus vaccines.


Truck drivers travelling into Manitoba will be offered vaccines during the drivers’ routine trips to the United States over the next six to eight weeks.

Manitoba estimates that through this initiative, 2,000 to 4,000 truck drivers will be fully vaccinated.

North Dakota will provide both the first and second shots to eligible drivers, as well as follow the recommended dose schedule.

“The U.S. has got a lot of vaccines and Canada has got less, so this an opportunity for us to work together, starting with essential workers,” Burgum said.

He noted that North Dakota will be administering Moderna and Pfizer vaccines during this pilot program.