Saskatchewan producers were able to return to the field this week to continue their harvest.

The province’s weekly crop report shows 78 per cent of crop is now in the bin, up from 73 per cent last week. Producers are still behind the five-year average of 84 per cent for this time of year.

Cool, wet weather continues to slow harvest across most of the province.

Harvest is on hold in the northwest due to heavy snowfall this week. Warm, dry weather will be needed in order to allow producers to return to their fields.

Harvest is most advanced in the southwest at 90 per cent combined, and least advanced in the northwest, where 44 per cent of crop is combined.

Snow and rain are continuing to improve topsoil moisture conditions.

Most livestock producers will have adequate hay and feed supplies heading into the winter, but some in the south and central regions might be facing shortages this winter.

The majority of crop damage this week was from snow and rain lodging crops. There are also reports of geese and other wildlife feeding on swathed crops.