Raised in Saskatchewan, but with experience living and working outside of the province, Zane Buchanan was named the 2019 Saskatchewanderer on Tuesday.

“Aside from exposing the evident natural wonder of Saskatchewan, I’m keen on giving a voice to the many inspiring entrepreneurs, artists and diverse communities that our province has to offer,” Buchanan said in a press release.

Buchanan grew up on an acreage near White City. He spent time in eastern Canada and on the west coast to pursue an education and working in broadcasting, theatre and social media before applying to become the next Saskatchewanderer.

Along with a diploma in broadcasting for web, radio and television, Buchanan has a Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance and completed a comedy writing course through Simon Fraser University.

“The Saskatchewanderer has the unique opportunity to encourage travel to and within our province by sharing experiences on social media and the Saskatchewanderer blog,” Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Gene Makowsky said in a release.

The Saskatchewanderer program is an inter-ministerial partnership that involves Tourism Saskatchewan and the Ministeries of Agriculture, Trade and Export Development and Parks, Culture and Sport.

Buchanan’s adventures can be found at www.saskatchewanderer.ca.