REGINA -- For the first time in decades, Saskatchewan’s entire provincial archives collection is under one roof.

The move to the former CBC building in Regina took two years to complete. The CBC gave the building to the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan for free to help with operating costs while leasing back a small portion.

The broadcast studios were converted to storage space for 118,000 boxes of historic material.

“It’s great. It’s a wonderful building. It’s huge. There’s lots of room,” Tim Novak, Archivist for the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan said. “And now we have all of our records and all of our staff and services under one roof.”

The consolidation left issues for some employees. A satellite office at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon was closed. Researchers in Saskatoon have to travel to Regina now, a costly venture for projects requiring weeks of archival research. In return, office hours in Regina were reinstated from three days a week to five.

“We do offer our public services now. People can come in and visit by appointment only because of COVID precautions and of course we are receiving a lot of inquiries online,” Novak said.

Many photos from a century ago, taken in the northern half of the province, helped mark Archives Week in the facility’s new gallery.

Anyone can browse the archive collection, both online and in-person by appointment, for a glimpse of Saskatchewan life from years gone by.