Opponents who say the proposed route for the new Regina bypass is too close to the city are turning up the heat to have it pushed further out.

The bypass will begin on Highway 11 northwest of Regina and run south to the Trans-Canada Highway. It will then wrap around the city about five kilometres south of Highway 1, and will be routed 400 metres east of Tower Road to connect back with Highway 1 on the east side of Regina.

The proposed route runs through the corner of the Super Seamless property just east of the city.

“The government has designed the bypass system to bypass the city of Regina,” said Super Seamless owner Allen Mryglod. “Tower Road is located in the city of Regina, so it’s not a bypass at all.”

The successful construction partners for the $1.2 billion P3 project will be announced soon, and that is giving urgency to a radio campaign launched by the Regina Committee for an Alternative Bypass Solution.

The government says there were public meetings and discussions with affected parties all through the planning process.

“We have a route for the bypass and a plan for the bypass that, in fact, is pretty much universally supported by the municipal governments in the area and industry stakeholders, as well,” said Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure spokesperson Doug Wakabayashi.

However, some say that because the planning process has spanned several years, it's now outdated.

“I think the real issue is it’s an old plan and it needs to be updated,” said Rural Municipality of Sherwood councillor Joe Repetski. “They’re building for yesterday, rather than building for the future.”

The government says the route is already planned and there is no reason or time left to change it. But those who want a different route say until construction begins, there is still time to move it.

Based on a report by CTV Regina’s Wayne Mantyka