Most people switch jobs a number of times throughout their career, but one Regina man has stayed at his first job for six decades.

Bob Olbrich’s family moved from Germany to Regina in 1950, and on Sept. 7, 1958, 16-year-old Olbrich walked into PCL Construction – then Poole Construction – for his first day at his first job. He’s been working there ever since, and celebrated his 60th anniversary at the company on Friday.

From an apprentice to journeyman carpenter to superintendent, the now 76-year-old has done it all there.

“Nobody looks at me being old or anything. They’re so used to me already. I’m just like a picture around here. You don’t go away, you’re always around,” he said.

A lot has changed at the company over the years, he said, but he’s still confident he can get the job done.

“My position looks like I’m getting outdated, all the new things coming in now. But (I’m) still keeping up to the young guys,” he said.

The history and accumulated knowledge Olbrich brings to the company is valued by all his coworkers.

“Bob being probably the oldest member of our business, it’s been entertaining, exciting,” said Mike Zurowski, special projects manager at PCL.

“Sixty years later he still puts in lots of hours and puts in that extra effort to get the job done … He’s a sharp guy, so it’s been a great 18 years of experience with him and I’ve learned a lot from him.”

Olbrich currently has no plans to retire, and hopes to continue working at PCL for years to come.