REGINA -- Some stunning shots of Mosaic Stadium during TSN’s broadcast of the Western Final were courtesy of a Regina production company.

Java Post Aerial Productions used drones to capture footage of the football game, for the first time at the new stadium.

“We have about five drones sitting in the room back there, and different sizes, heavy lift or smaller ones that are more nimble,” said Jack Tunnicliffe with Java Post.

It was the most elaborate camera production at a Rider game ever, with 15 cameras in play including a spider cam that flies over the crowd and field on a network of overhead cables.

The spider camera is commonly used in the NFL but less so in Canada.

The large amount of cameras meant Java Post had lots of competition with other camera operators, trying to get their shot on national television.

“A director with 15 cameras you have to wonder if you can even make a shot that is pretty enough that he’s going to take it,” said Tunnicliffe. “You’re auditioning all the time. I’m always showing him different things.”

The enhanced camera angles helped show off the design elements of Mosaic Stadium and leaving a positive impression of the city with a national television audience.