REGINA -- The Regina Public Library is looking to make improvements to its downtown location due to issues beneath the surface.

“Our boilers are near the end of their life, we’re not up to code, there’s a lot of problems,” Sean Quinlan, chair of the Regina Public Library, said.

The library says it wants more room, which would require expansion of the existing building, or construction of a new one. It estimates it might cost as much to fix the old building as it would to build a new one.

Consultants are currently looking into those cost comparisons, and the library is asking its users for feedback on what changes they’d like to see.

Regina city council is waiting to hear the consultation results before looking at what to do next.

“I want to see what exactly may come out of public consultation for one thing,” Regina mayor Michael Fougere said. “There’s a lot of emotion behind this building. It’s an older building, it’s a beautiful building, but also it needs some work on it.

A report outlining options and costs will be presented to Regina city council this spring. Council will then decide how much money it wants to spend on the renewal of the library.