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Regina results: 3 Conservative MPs re-elected


Conservative candidate Warren Steinley re-elected in Regina–Lewvan

Before entering federal politics, Steinley served as a Saskatchewan Party MLA in Regina Walsh Acres for eight years.

Ahead of an official declaration, Steinley said he believes the people of Saskatchewan have elected someone who will “always stand up for Saskatchewan.” 

 Michael Kram re-elected in Regina–Wascana

Conservative candidate Michael Kram has been re-elected as MP for Regina–Wascana.

“Although we all hoped for a better national result, withholding those from a firm hold of power is a [success]," said Kram during a victory speech at his campaign headquarters.

The incumbent was first elected in 2019 when he defeated long-time Liberal MP Ralph Goodale. 

In an interview with CTV News, Kram said tonight’s victory felt even better than 2019’s.

“After being re-elected by the voters of Regina–Wascana, it certainly is an honour to know that last time was not a fluke and that people are happy with the representation that I have provided,” he said. 

Andrew Scheer re-elected in Regina–Qu’Appelle

Conservative candidate Andrew Scheer won his seat in ReginaQu’Appelle.

Scheer said he plans to continue to fight for Saskatchewan in Ottawa and show Canadians a united Conservative front to address the nation's biggest issues.

"We believe in a strong and united Canada. We believe in a Canada that celebrates every region, that brings people together,” he said. 

Scheer has been the sitting MP in this riding since 2004.

He was the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and served as the Official Opposition House Leader before winning the Conservative Party Leadership race in 2017.

Scheer stepped down as leader after the party’s loss in 2019. Top Stories

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