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Safer and softer: Leibel Field to receive new turf


Leibel Field is set to receive a large improvement. The field is expected to have new turf in place by the beginning of August.

The new playing surface will cost around 1.2 million dollars according to the City of Regina.

“The turf has a useful life it was about 10 years,” said Jeff May, manager of sport facilities and special events for the City of Regina. “If you leave it much longer (it) becomes compacted and it won't spring back anymore, and that becomes a safety hazard.”

Pierre Alarie is from British Columbia. His company, Beyond the Turf, has installations across Canada.

He said the new surface being installed at Leibel Field is the same that is found in CFL stadiums and is safe for athletes with its 2.5 inch thickness.

“If we have a nice row of fiber, three quarters of an inch apart, which it gives lots of room for the cleats to drop into the infield but not too much into the plastic,” said Alarie.

Artificial turf has many benefits for the players including less injuries and less stress on athletes.

With a high volume of usage, moving to a new turf has many benefits.

“We play so much football,” said Len Antonini, executive director of Regina Minor Football. “We were playing way more than 16 hours, you can only play on grass for 16 hours a week no matter what.”

Minor football players, like Kyle Magnien, are eager to get back on the field to play the game they love.

“I have played on a lot of fields and there's been some bad fields and they just they kill my legs,” said Magnien. “Having a new turf just feels safer and it's a lot softer and I can do what I do best with a good turf.” Top Stories

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