REGINA -- SaskEnergy is reminding residents to check their exhausts for ice build up.

With extremely cold weather, water vapour leaving the chimney can freeze up and block the output, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in the building.

“It’s really important during the winter months, especially when your furnaces are running around the clock in this cold weather, that you’re keeping an eye on all your outdoor chimneys and vents and making sure that there is no ice or snow that could be blocking them,” SaskEnergy spokesperson Casey MacLeod said.

MacLeod said anyone who does not have the tools to deal with it themselves should contact a plumbing and heating company to help remove it.

“If you have the proper safety equipment and you’re comfortable going up to deal with that, that’s something you can do. Otherwise, it’s best to call your local plumbing and heating contractor and get their advice and see what services they offer,” MacLeod said.

MacLeod said it is also important for homeowners to check that their indoor appliances are working properly.

When the temperatures warm up, MacLeod said homeowners should check their natural gas infrastructure for any obstructions.

“Snow and ice can also build up on your meter. Not so much right now when it’s cold like this, but when we get into those freeze and thaw cycles, we can see snow and ice build up on your metre and that can impact how they work,” MacLeod said. 

Macleod said it is also important to be aware of where natural gas infrastructure lines are located in order to avoid damaging it when removing snow.