REGINA -- As temperatures in Regina plummet below -40 degrees with the windchill, transportation for all students has been cancelled.According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Regina area will deal with tempuratures between minus 40 and minus 46 with the windchill on Monday.

“If windchill is colder than -40C student transportation will be cancelled for those requiring specialized buses with wheelchair lifts. If Windchill is colder than -45C, all student transportation will be cancelled,” Regina Public Schools noted in a news release.

In an email, the Regina Catholic School Division said yellow buses, vans and paratransit were all part on Monday’s cancellation.

“Minus 40 is our cut-off for our accessible transportation. And at -45 – this is with or without windchill – that’s our cut-off for our regular transportation and all the rest of it. So, of course we did cancel all that today, just to make sure everybody can be safe,” Twylla West, spokesperson for Regina Catholic School Division said.

West said the division checks the weather at 6 a.m. to determine the daily temperatures.

“It’s standing on the corner waiting for a bus to arrive and a bus that could be delayed because of weather, that’s when we start talking about things getting very dangerous,” West said.