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Sask. man charged with the alleged abduction of his daughter awaits bail decision

A Regina judge has reserved her decision regarding bail for the man charged with the alleged abduction of his daughter.

Michael Gordon Jackson, 52, appeared in court for his bail hearing via video from custody on Wednesday morning.

A publication ban on the evidence and the reasons for the judge’s eventual decision from the bail hearing is in place as Jackson is still awaiting trial by jury.

Jackson was arrested in February and charged with abduction in contravention of a custody or parenting order involving a seven-year-old girl.

He was located with his daughter by police in Vernon, B.C. on Feb. 24, according to Saskatchewan RCMP. The warrant for his arrest was issued on Jan. 21.

Jackson has been in custody since.

The girl’s mother, who had full custody of the child, said Jackson took their daughter because he did not want her to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, court documents show.

She then had no contact with Jackson or their daughter between Nov. 10, 2021 and Feb. 22, 2022 other than one phone call.

An application was then put forward by the girl’s mother that included an order compelling the return of the child to her and for the assistance of police in enforcing the order.

That order was granted by a judge on Nov. 26, 2021.

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